Post-it Note Poetry – Haiku vs Senryu

Okay so work impinged on my creative exploits, but I did manage to teach Haiku appreciation to a group of 10 year olds – the boys liked by Kangaroo poem.  But since then I have been writing.


So here’s the first


two beats

magpie takes flight

cutting air


This one was inspired by a Ginko walk of sorts.  I had been at a loss for inspiration and decided to walk outside.  As soon as I opened the door I heard a magpie take flight.  If you have been around them, they have a very distinctive sound when taking flight and its that sound I was trying to evoke with the Haiku above.  The cutting of the air.  I am still not sure I am totally happy with it.

Next was a challenge from Post-it Note poetry co-founder Adam Byatt.  Adam wanted us to write a Valentines day poem but it had to be awkward.  Here is my haiku or is it senryu,  I am unsure because the definitions always seem a little obscure.  Haiku are supposed to be strictly about nature and contain season words( amongst other things).  To write about human foibles or to attempt humour is to be left for Senryu which stick to the same short long short form but are about people, politics,comedy.  I am sure a purist will correct me.

In any case:


tender hand

seeks hollow in the dark

oh! your armpit


And finally I was attempting Shiki’s Shasei or The Technique of the Sketch, writing things as they are.  But the following haiku drifts toward metaphor:




catches with gold

its dreams







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