Post-it Note Poetry – Never have so few words…

required such thought.shot_1391906753506



So today’s offering is:

dead gum tree

heron perches





Inspired by one of those truly odd occurrences. I was sitting on my western facing verandah one afternoon and a heron alighted on a branch of our beloved gum tree that had sadly seen the last of its 40 odd years.

Here was a waterbird, some 30 km from any water, perched in a leafless tree. I thought to myself that maybe it was lost. So in this haiku, using the technique of comparison I wanted to present the image of the dead tree, now lost to us and the heron perched, also lost.

I am still not settled on the final form, it could be:


dead gum

a heron perches



Or  number of other combinations. 


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