Post-it Note Poetry – Open floodgates


shot_1392769009717 Ok so 3 days of work and tiredness means no poetry.  But in a double maths class where the students happily worked in absolute silence  I had time to pen some haiku.  There’s a couple I am happy with, some that could use work.  But this is Post-it Note poetry and the agonising over wordage should be minimal.  I give you:





late summer
taste of morning rain
on my tongue


churn my stomach
new class


rattles in silence
students work


now this one I thought could make a good start to a sequence covering the day of a relief teacher


distant bell
this ronin wakes to a new


and a reworking of an earlier attempt and another reworking after the photo



in flight wagtails
dive and dog the raven



and one purely made up but that just seemed to flow from the pen

rain clouds
in young man's eyes
storm brewing.


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