Post-it Note Poetry – Frogmouths aren’t owls

So apparently Tawny Frogmouths aren’t Owls, but they are related.  Hmmm


The following three Haiku are more or less straight observations


mouse breath
from my ginger cat
twilight kiss

Mice numbers seem to be picking up as feed for them disappears.  Rueben our rabbit hunter likes a bit of variety and will often come home for dinner with a field mouse as appetiser.


pull the hills along
autumn fog


This haiku is a reworking of a Tanka I wrote last year.  With this I just wanted to get that simple image of the hills seeming to fly above the fog, drawn through the air by the wind farm windmills.


on a street sign
croaks a frogmouth
autumn dusk


While this poem is observational (the frogmouth sat atop our street sign despite the relative safety of hundreds of trees), I also wanted to try and reference one of the Japanese masters and tap into that singing frog tradition, albeit through a play on words.

So here is the poem that I reference by Issa

yoiyami no ippon enoki naku kawazu

darkening dusk--
in one nettle tree
singing frogs


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