Inkerman and Blunt Notebooks...

or How I am trying to resist my Notebook fetish.

There's a number of ways the romantic notion of being a writer affects me. One in particular is writer's accessories.  Writing and poetry writing has one of the lowest barriers to entry of all the arts. A writing implement and something to write on is all you need.

Still that hasn't stopped me from amassing a pile of fancy journals/notebooks which I don't write in because they look too "purty".

I have got around this problem with some home made methadone in the form of a cloth journal cover sewn by my wife that slips over simple Spirax notebooks.

Still when Inkerman and Blunt emailed me with their Notebooks I had to resist the urge to purchase them. Can you?

There is nothing more magical than putting pen to paper and letting an idea slip down your arm and onto the page. These beautifully crafted notebooks finished with elegant foil are created for those with a passion to sling words around on a page.
The smooth artisan paper will not smudge the writer's thoughts, bleed their words into the paper, or clog the tip of their nib, whether they use a pencil, ball point, felt tip, a fountain pen or feathered quill. The subtle grey lines will guide the writer's thoughts as he, or she slides into that mysterious zone from which all creativity flows.
Available as single notebooks or a pack of two, these red stitch-bound pages will lie flat and provide plenty of space to let the imagination fly. 
These notebooks are destined to become the choice of all who are driven to put words on paper, to structure ideas, tell a story or pen a poem.

You can order direct from Inkerman and Blunt (lovely local publisher).


from Booktopia *

*Yes this is a shameless plug and I get kick backs from affiliate links with Booktopia.  But hey enough of this writing for free/penniless artists crap.


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