Poetry writing - Must have tools

or do I need a schmick journal to write great poetry?

I am really enjoying watching the video series by Jackson Bates, poet and teacher from Melbourne.  In the video below he talks about the tools necessary for writing poetry.

The answer of course is that anything that can be relied upon to write with and on, that is robust and available at all times is sufficient.  Jackson has some interesting ideas though on how different implements might influence the way you write.

shot_1449359076306For myself I tend to flow between composing on a laptop and saving the work in the cloud and writing notes in a spirax A5 notebook.

From a reasonably early age though I fell victim to stationary marketing and have a collection of beautiful blank journals that I don’t write in because it would seem a shame to defile such works of art with my first drafts.

I have taken the middle road though and compromised by getting my other half to sew a bespoke journal cover that slips over my spirax notebook.

What do you write your first drafts in?  Do you have a stationary fetish?


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