Year of Poetry - Writing Space

This is the "Writing Space" noticeably clear of the laptop which reside at the other end of the table.

I feel it's important that I have a dedicated writing space away from the computer because I know that eventually I will be tempted to check email/Facebook/Twitter.

I tend to distract myself when I hit a point in the writing that might not be flowing or when I feel I need a break.

I want to develop a little more focus and stamina so the computer is out of bounds during writing time.  If I need a break I'll be heading out to the gym or watering the garden.

I also want to mix up the way I compose poetry.  I carry a journal with me at all times and my ancient Samsung has a note taking app but I also want to try longhand composition and see what sort of effect writing with a dip pen might have.

Similarly I'd be interested to hear of  any lifehacks you might have that encourage creative productivity.


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