Year of Poetry - Trust the Process

A confession.

There's a small voice that keeps nipping at the edge of my thoughts. It's my fear talking.  Fear that this project will not eventuate. Fear that it won't make a difference. Fear that although the plan looks great in practice or on paper, the reality is going to be different.

Fear of failure.

So to combat this fear I do what I have always done when the odds seem insurmountable and that is, take a small step.

Last night I read the introductory chapter to A Poet's Guide to Poetry by Mary Kinzie, as I would if I were studying according to the plan.  Now prior to this I have been avoiding making any start on the plan apart from organizing and the fear or anxiety has been slowly growing.

The end result?

Within 15 minutes I had already made some connections to my own work and initiated some motivation/inspiration for a poem that had been left in the draw to compost.  This is the sort of cross fertilization/interplay that I wanted to generate with my approach.  So I have reconfirmed my trust in the process.


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