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Australian Poetry Releases for Early 2016 and Free Shipping

Released February
So checking out Jane Sullivan's Books for the Year article at the SMH, I note there are a few collections coming out this year.  And what is good or bad, depending on your judgement is how many folks are on this list that I don't know.

In any case below are the titles that you can pre-order via Booktopia and get free shipping (see code word and end date below):

Clive James (still not dead) will be publishing again with a Gate of Lilacs: A Verse Commentary on Proust. It's listed at Booktopia for pre-order at around the $37 mark.  I am getting his Sentenced to Life, but I'm not sure if my interest extends to verse thoughts on Proust.

Magabala Books, Australia's oldest indigenous publisher will be releasing Alison Whittaker's​ Lemons in the Chicken Wire in March.  

I was able to track down some cover copy on the Booktopia website:
Winner 2015 black&write! Indigenous Writing Fellowship - a partnership between the State Library of Queensland's black&write! Indigenous Writing and Editing Project and Magabala Books
From a remarkable new voice in Indigenous writing comes this highly original collection of poems bristling with stunning imagery and gritty textures. At times sensual, always potent, Lemons in the Chicken Wire delivers a collage of work that reflects rural identity through a rich medley of techniques and forms.
It is an audacious, lyrical and linguistically lemon flavoured poetry debut that possesses a rare edginess and seeks to challenge our imagination beyond the ordinary. Alison Whittaker demonstrates that borders, whether physical or imagined, are no match for our capacity for love.

Magabala have also published Eckermann ( whose poetry I really enjoy) so I'll be putting this one on my Booktopia wishlist.

Freemantle Press releases Dennis Haskell's Ahead of Us in February.  As it's getting close to release time there's also some extra detail via Booktopia:
Ahead of Us is Haskell's eighth book of poetry. Dedicated to his wife Rhonda, who lost her battle with cancer after a long illness, Ahead of Us contains poems of love, of two people forging a partnership together and of the inevitable end of that partnership when one person dies.
It is a celebration of life and and of the fragile thread that holds us here.

Now Haskell is someone I should know, if not for his own poetry, for the work he's done in the field/ community.  Better late than never.

Booktopia free shipping code word: CELEBRATION

End date: midnightWednesday the 13th of January

If you purchase through the links above or this one here, this poor and struggling poet will receive an affiliate sales commission at no cost to you.


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