Sarah Howe - TS Eliot Prize Winner

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There were murmurings about how good this book was last year.

It certainly impressed the judges beating collections from the likes of including Don Paterson, Claudia Rankine, Sean O’Brien and Les Murray.

(What is the TS Eliot Prize?)

Loop of Jade also chocks up another achievement in that its the first ever debut collection to win the prize.

One of the Judges Pascale Petit, has claimed that her experimentation with form would change British Poetry. High praise indeed, for any poet let alone someone who has just released her first collection. I can't imagine the sort of pressure and expectation that puts on a writer.
Below is an a short video of her reading a poem that she did on commission

If you are interested there's a couple of reviews below,  written before the win:

I note that Loop of Jade is published by Chatto & Windus who also publish my fave Brit poet Helen Mort.

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