Year of Poetry Update - Week 1

Today brings up the first full week of My Year of Poetry and so far:

Total time: 18 hrs

  • poem writing = 6 hrs
  • close reading = 6 hrs
  • technique/theory = 4 hrs
  • reflection = 2 hrs
Poetry written:

  • 1 poem completed to beta reading stage
  • 1 poem at prose 2nd draft stage

General thoughts:

I am happy with the output.  It took a couple of days to settle into a groove that seemed to work for me i.e. writing, followed by study, followed by close reading.  It's not been easy but it's not been torture either.  I am seeing that putting in the time is producing the results.

Concerned that sitting at the computer for longer periods than an hour at a time might not be healthy, mentally or otherwise I have been interspersing each of the sessions with a circuit workout of Bench Press, Back rows, bicep and triceps curls.


My major concern is the start of the school year and the likelihood that paid work will disturb my routine.  But them's the breaks.


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