Post-It Note Poetry 2016 - Participant Guidelines

So the time is nearly upon us.  Only 7 days to go.

February 1st is the day it all begins.  If you are new to Post It Note Poetry, check out Co-founder Adam Byatt’s post here

The general gist of it is:
  1. Give yourself permission to write poetry, badly if need be
  2. Write out that poem on a post-it note and photograph it
  3. Put it on twitter with the #pinp16
  4. Do this every day of February (if you can)
I credit Post It Note Poetry for getting me back into writing poetry seriously.  

You are posting a poem a day so there’s not really time for agonizing over things too much.  There’s no expectations that you write like a Poet Laureate.  Hell there’s no expectation that you write good poetry.  

Free yourself from the nagging self critic, the inner poetry snob that says don’t bother, you’ll never be Les Murray or Dorothy Porter.

The only real rules are that the poem must fit on a Post-It Note.

I will maintain a curated twitter feed here.   I will add twitter posts that have the Hashtag above. 

Helpful Advice:
If you are new to poetry try an English Language Haiku or an American Cinquain.  Both of these provide a form that’s not too rigid.  Haiku are good for training your observational skills too.


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