January poems, closely read

Here are the poems that I have read closely for the month of January. You will find a running list on the Anthology of Magnificence page.
  1. Mandy Coe's, When We Found Flowers Could Speak
  2. Helen Mort's, Fox Miles. (link will take you to her poetry archive page)
  3. Seamus Heaney's Digging.
  4. Thom Gunn's The Hug.
  5. Anthony Lawrence's Three Men.
  6. Philip Hodgins'Shooting the Dogs
  7. Norman MacCaig's Ineducable me
  8. Liz Berry's When I Was A Boy
  9. Felicity Plunkett's, Lost Sea Voices
  10. Kenneth Slessor's Crow Country
  11. Sian Hughes' The Sacking Offence
  12. Caroline Bird's A Love Song
  13. Sean O'Brien's Sunday in a Station of the Metro
  14. Clive James' Japanese Maple
  15. Gillian Clarke's Family House


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