My Anthology Of Magnificence Updated

Just a quick update and some housekeeping. I have set up a page to host the poems that I am adding to my expanding Anthology of Magnificence,  rather than post an update every 2-3 days I'll only draw your attention every now and again.  So you'll find it in the Navigation sidebar to the right.

But if you are viewing via mobile or don't want to click through, here's the updated list.

  • Mandy Coe's, When We Found Flowers Could Speak
  • Helen Mort's, Fox Miles. (link will take you to her poetry archive page)
  • Seamus Heaney's Digging.
  • Thom Gunn's The Hug.
  • Anthony Lawrence's Three Men.
  • Philip Hodgins'Shooting the Dogs
  • Norman MacCaig's Ineducable me

  • At the end of this project I will go through the entire list and expanded upon my reasons for listing individual poems.  Until then perhaps you might check out those that have links.


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